Stones and Quartz Guide & Uses

The Llama shares her wise with you. Each stone has an especial property that you will benefit from. These are summaries of the more common ones.

We also encourage you to make a deeper research so you will know more about your favorite stone.

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DO NOT use any of this information as a replacement for any physician or psychological diagnosis,  treatment or prescription of any kind. Consult your specialist first.

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Green Quartz



“I am lucky”

Attracts good luck, opens paths for success, helps me to achieve my goals, helps me to get what I desire. Helps me to see the signs to achieve my dreams. Attracts blessings to my life. Attracts abundance and prosperity. Rebalances my hearts desires. I can witness the vast abundance of my life and I can get more.


Different colors but has veins-like designs

“I am connected and adapted”

Depending of the tone can have different meanings, also the color is related to the chakra energetical points. Agate in general is a stone for connection with nature and creation (makes me more aware of my surroundings), excellent for Wicca purposes.  This is a very adaptable stone for many frequencies and can be use like a complement stone. I can adapt to any environment or change and turn in something beautiful just like agate. No chaos, only blossom.


Light green-blue tone

“I see the light”

It is said that amazonite is a direct channel to heaven. It helps me to find the light as truth in me and around me. I am more receptive to high energies, spiritual guides and high frequencies so I understand better the signs. I can read a soul more efficiently and understand in a subliminal and deeper level. My words are more harmonic with higher vibration leaded by the truth and light. Helps me to attract people in high frequencies of light that vibrates like me.




“I am blessed”

Helps me focus and opens my mind. I get better connection with divinity. Relieves my mind from trouble thinking, helps me find solutions. Helps me to transform into a better version of me. I can access a higher vibration and frequencies. Helps me to clear negative thought.



Black like charcoal

“I am guarded”

Helps me to access my own spiritual strength to defeat dark energies that are targeted to me. Makes me feel safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety. Makes me face and defeat my own darkness thus raises my frequency. Negative energy rooting from psychic attacks is deflected. Helps me to understand the source of the negative energy. It is beneficial during shamanic journeywork, and it can be worn as an amulet of protection and to help reveal deeper spiritual truths.

Black Obsidian



Black Volcanic

“I am shielded”

Its volcanic origin makes an excellent stone protector with strength but flexible for my needs. Glass like structure provides me a shield from dark energies blocks and defeats any source of negativity through inner-power and resilience. Spiritual healer and aura cleaner. Helps to channel and understand divine messages and signs. Helps to achieve justice. I understand and accept change and others’ decisions.

Black onyx



“I am protected”

Spiritual shield against bad, dark and parasite energies. Helps me to connect with my highest consciousness. I am more focused. Keeps away negative thoughts. Helps me against nightmares. Releases my fears.

Blue Sand

Stars Shower


Blue-sprinkle silver

“My wishes do come true”

Represents stars in the sky, like wishes that will come true. I get what I need. I feel more confident and willpower. I feel hope and optimistic about future because my dreams and wishes will come true.



Bloody bright red to orange

“I am creative”

There are no boundaries for my imagination, so I use it to create. I have clear ideas and thoughts. If I need, helps me to remember past lives and the wounds in my soul to heal them. Helps in high level meditation. Attach breaker to low self-patterns so I can move on to a next level. Helps me in emotional block.








“I am


Helps me to connect with the spiritual world. I learn from experience. Turns my sadness and negative thoughts to positive and optimism. Helps me with my anxiety, stress, and angst. Helps me to overcome panic attacks. Helps me to overcome emotional challenges and transition. Soul-related pain reliever. Opens my heart to love. Provides me peaceful vibe. Awakes my inner Goddess and feminine energy of love, compassion, and kindness no matter my gender. Balances my health.



Golden w/ Clear or brown tones

“I am Rich”

I am full field of prosperity and abundance; wellness comes from me. I can act over my desires to fulfill my dreams with a raised spiritual strength. I relate to higher consciousness. I am aware of my divine essence, so I know that my thoughts create my reality as my spirit is rich, I can create richness around me. I fell Joy.

Clear Quartz



“I am purified”

Purifies me when I got bad energy from others. Turns the dark energy around and inside me into white and pure energy. I feel revitalized. Improves my wellness. Energy flows better in me. I am more aware of myself. Amplifies my abilities and other quartz’ power. Turns Chaos into harmony. Potentiates and makes synergy with other stones.

Gold Sand

Gold Shower


Red/orange-sprinkle gold

“I am prosperous”

Helps me achieve prosperity, money comes easily. I have great results for my work. I feel motivated. My resources increase. I have self-worth and self-motivation. My mood is better. I get my life improvements that I deserve and rewards.

Green Jade


Green different tones

“I am fortunate”

Promotes fortune, luck, wellness and prosperity to my life. I feel that things will be good. I feel balanced and joy. I can connect to my own history and I have a better understanding of the past. I can connect to my ancestor’s knowledge and to the akashic records. I learn how to accept me, and my vision of future and ideas are clearer, and I visualize good outcomes.



Black metal

“I am grounded and balanced”

Helps me balance my body-mind-soul. Helps me to overcome illness and to relieve my worries. Helps my blood pressure and my nervous system. Stops energy drain and I feel less tired. Helps me to remove fear energy. Produces calming vibration that I can benefit from. Releases overwhelming and negative thoughts. My roots to creations get stronger.


Different colors

“I am focused and grounded”

Depending of the tone can have different meanings, also the color is related to the chakra energetical points. Jasper in general is a stone that represents connection with Gea/Gaia (Earth). My frequency connects better with animals, plants, stars, earth elements so I can be more vital. My optimism improves. I am more focused and can complete my goals with more enthusiasm. I feel more balanced in my emotions and inner core. I feel the earth energy flowing through.





“I am Wise”

The metaphysical stone helps me to connect with my inner self-wisdom to find answers and the truth and to heal my soul wounds. Improves my focus and my meditation. Helps me to get soul-mind-spirit balance through the knowledge and relieve. Helps me to access Akashic records. Enhances my intuition.

Lapis Lazuli



“I am peaceful”

Helps me to wake up my self-healing power through the discovery of my own psychic power. Helps me to use the power of my mind more efficiently. Helps me calm frustration, anger and rage. Helps me to heal emotional wounds. Releases stress and helps me relax. Aid to my immunity. Helps me to ground if my mind tends to distract easily.


Porosity texture/ Different colors

“I overcome pressure and am ready”

Oil diffuser purposes but its volcanic origin provides the stone the quality of resisting high and extreme pressures like dark energies. Helps me to endure targeted dark energies and gives us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change. Helps me to relieve anxiety. Its connection with mother Earth provides this stone the unique capability to connect and amplify the properties of Oils.




White & clear tones with rainbow in surface

“I am boosted by the moon energy”

I get a clarified view of my environment. My intuition, awareness and perception are in a peak. I can understand myself and my connection with others. I can solve problems from a higher perspective. If any psychic ability it gets improved. Excellent channel for moon-energy connection. Helps me to balance my waves of energy-hormones. I dream better and understand dreams. I get boosted with answers. Helps me to understand attaching. As the moon helps me to process cycles in my life.



Milky white-rainbow

“I am balanced and Intuitive”

Increases my intuition. I am more aware of synchronicities. Enhances my confidence to trust my higher self. Helps me to balance. Helps me to channel better other's intention. Promotes dreaming and mental balance. I am more conscious of my environment. Calms my spirit. 


Fool’s Gold


Silver-Golden Metal w/ irregular surface

“I live in abundance and can achieve my desires”

Its resemblance of gold helps to bring money and abundance to my life. My spiritual strength is increased, and I can achieve any goal that is in harmony with universe. My income will be improved, and I turn prosperous. Its color also can help me to visualize better a protector halo around me. My confidence is more solid than ever, and I can face extraordinary situations. Success is possible.

Rose quartz

Pink quartz



“I am loved and confident”

Attracts people who love me to my life. First, helps me to improve my self-confidence, then, brings love and kindness to my life. Elevates my energetic frequency and vibratioyn. I am more tolerant. My soul shines more. I feel more optimistic and positive. Helps me to find my soul mate. I feel rejuvenated.



Reflective milky white.

“I am connected to divinity”

I understand my divine essence. I know I belong to creation and can attract wellness with my thoughts. I can access akashic files and my ancestors knowledge. I access higher consciousness. Helps me to connect with my guides and angels. My view is clear, and I am focused. I am aligned and balanced through light. I feel no stress. Helps me to release my joint pain. I sleep better. I can use my own light to heal my spirit and fears. My upcoming life is fertile in many fields. Arts get easier for me or any field that requires creativity.




Dark Blue/ white/


“I am calm and focused”

I feel calm and relaxed. I can see the solution of problems. Helps me focus in any mental work and projects. Releases my thoughts from negativity. Helps me to open my third eye and sixth sense. I can take more conscious and wise decisions. Helps me to clean energetic parasites that affect my mind balance.

Tiger Eye

 golden tiger eye


“I have the power to overcome anything”

Gives me strength and will of the tiger to overcome obstacles, opens my mind to unlimited possibilities, I feel self-empowered, helps me to overcome addictions, I feel less concerned about other’s opinions.




light blue/dark veins

“I express myself”

I know the right words to communicate with others and with divinity. Helps me to find my inspiration to create. Helps me to connect with angels and elevated spirits. I can see the truth behind words. I can take accurate decisions and I can act on my decisions. Improves my social skills. Unlock my mental blocks. I can connect to my inner voice and spiritual guide.