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Peruvian Palo Santo (Sticks)

Peruvian Palo Santo (Sticks)

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Holly Wood- Palo Santo from Peru is one of the most powerful resin trees to clean and purify dark energies. good choice for spiritual purification when moving in a new place. To keep away bad spirits and to rise the frequencies of the environment.

Shamans from Peru use this wood in their ceremonies and to provide spiritual cleansing to houses, places and different environments. 

You will get 1 or 3 sticks of aprox. 3 to 4.5 inches each stick. 

⚠ WARNING. Do not use near people or animals with any health condition that could be affected by this smoke. Always ask your physician advice before using it. DO NOT leave this product unattended while burning. We recomend to use special burning holders for smudge like hard ceramic plates, abalone shells with holders or special burners.

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