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Intuitive Remote Spirit Animal Card Reading

Intuitive Remote Spirit Animal Card Reading

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I use my intuition and knowledge from past lives and akhasic records. Also helped by my Peruvian Inca Shaman ancestors to connect with divine nature so I can have a more accurate reading of your spirit animal. 

Animal spirits can guide you a time in your life. Can be short, medium or long term. As long as you need their capacities for going through something. You only need to be ready to hear what they want to tell you. Sometimes, things are not clear until he hear nature.

Trust their wisdom. Trust their knowledge. Trust nature.

IMPORTANT: Once you pay please send a text (not call) to (210)773-1841 or email or by Facebook as blackllamastore or Instagram as to coordinate the best way for you to make the remote reading: By phone call or by video call as Skype, Google Duo, Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger or Video call (is slower). 

If you choose the $25 dollars option. This is only full reading online with downlable written reading (extra) + PDF or JEPG written full reading and animal spirits (3 animals) pictures to download. No physical product.

⚠ Please, do not confuse any advice here with psychological therapy or a therapy of any kind. We do not intend to prescribe any medication or give a diagnosis. That only can be given by your physician. We only want to help to improve in the spiritual field. ⚠

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