Orgonite Pendants
Orgonite Pendants
Orgonite Pendants

Orgonite Pendants

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Handmade Orgonite Pendants. Each pendant includes a rope or a copper or silver chain (according to availability).

Each orgonite pendant is one of a kind even when looks like similar.

Orgonite pendants are made with resine, copper or any other metal plus stones or quartz. Elements that will help to energetically purify and turn dark energies into white and clear energies. 

The orgonite helps to clean and protect from EMF and signals known as "pollution from frequences".

Colors might vary due to photo and screen adjustments. And as it is a handmade product. The item that you receive might have little variations from picture.

Uses: Helps to clear the signals from devices and electronics that usually affect your own energetic spiritual emissions. Helps to focus and be more aware of your spirit and self. Helps in meditation. Helps to achieve calm for troubled minds. Protects from dark energies.


Chakra color in copper: Helps to balance, open and clean the chakras.

Random: Let the Llama choose one for you. The llama intuition will lead the choice. These models also provide the benefits of any orgonite. Please, notice that in this option you will not get the chakra model, you will get a random pendant that could or not be in the bulk photo.

Custom: Choose your stones, you can tell us a model with a picture or you can let us to choose the model for you but with the stones that you want. It will take 1 to 2 weeks (3 weeks if there are very specific requests).

Where to use: Like jewelry necklace. Hanging in a car. In your keychain. Hanging anywhere. Also, like a pocket amulet.

For yourself or like a gift, get benefit of these orgonites properties.

WARNING: Not for pets. Not for children.