Welcome to Black Llama

Welcome to Black Llama Store. This store was created because of a dream (literally). We have some years selling person to person, but many customers requested a way to have products online and all in sole place. That is the reason of Black Llama, having Arts, Crafts, Espiritual and Magic stuff together in one page. All our stuff have a meaning, a why, a reason.

Our stuff is local hanmade, Peruvian handmade, retail products. Some of our items are one of a kind made by artisans in our store. Many of our models are unique and that will be specified in the product features. Our theme is focused in spirituality, energetic healing, meditation, holistic, relaxation and all related areas. Our line is focused but not exclusive to native, ethnic, cultural, traditional, Andean and Indian goods.

Fell free to Ask the Llama and Hear the Llama for advice to ask@blackllama.store.

We wish you a blessed day and a happy shop.

Thank you,

Black Llama

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